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Charter of good conduct Adan members

By joining the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (Adan), members undertake to respect the 7 Principles of the Association’s Charter of Good Conduct. 

Any failure to comply may lead to the suspension, temporarily or permanently, of the membership of the member concerned, on the decision of the Director General after consultation of the Board of Directors and without reimbursement of the membership fee.

  1. Members contribute to the efforts of the Association to the extent of their time and resources. 
  2. Members shall behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards Adan, its members and interlocutors.
  3. Members guarantee the clarity and truthfulness of the information about themselves that they share with Adan and its members. 
  4. Members shall not disclose any unauthorised internal Adan information to third parties within the Association. When re-used, Association resources must be sourced as such. 
  5. Members may not claim to have any other status with third parties than that of member or adherent of Adan. In particular, they may not present themselves as (commercial) partners, representatives of the Association or members of the team. Nor may they justify their compliance with the regulations applicable to them by the mere fact of being a member of the Association.
  6. Members relay the messages and positions of Adan, but do not communicate directly on behalf of the association (with the exception of Board members and Committee Chairmen within the scope of their duties). Members are bound by the language of the Association, communicated to members internally, when communicating in relation to Adan.
  7. Members must not take individual positions on behalf of Adan or positions that have not been validated and formalised in a consensual manner, particularly within the Committees and/or Working Groups.
  8. At the time of their renewal, members must certify the veracity of the criteria used to calculate the amount of their annual dues. Any withholding, concealment or modification of information resulting in a discrepancy between the dues due and received may lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from Adan by decision of the Board of Directors.

Last update: 17 May 2022