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Adan functions by and for its members. It is a democratic association, in which each active member has an equal vote at the association’s general meetings. Associate members, who contribute to the work of the Association without being pure players in the industry, have an advisory vote.


The Adan members define the annual missions of the association at the annual General Assembly. There they also vote the budget, ratify all the acts of the association and elect a Board of Directors, in charge of representing them and controlling the implementation of these missions, as well as an Board, composed of the President of the Association and its Treasurer. 


The Chairperson is the the Association’s corporate officer and has a representative role. He/she is responsible for the association and therefore has the capacity to commit the association to third parties (signing contracts, financial commitments, etc.).

Adan’s Chairperson of the Board since June 2021 is Faustine Fleuret.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, once elected, meets to appoint an Executive Director. The latter is responsible for carrying out the Association’s missions. He/she reports on his/her missions to the Board, which is responsible for checking that his/her actions are in line with the association’s purpose.

The members elected the following persons to the Board of Directors for the year 2021.

Alexandre Clement
Business and Finance Manager, Kaiko

Faustine Fleuret
Chairperson & Executive Director, Adan

Fabrice Heuvrard
Chartered Accountant, Cabinet Fabrice Heuvrard

Nicolas Louvet
CEO, Coinhouse & Coinhouse Custody Services

Julien Nivot
Associate General Counsel & Head of Public Policy, Ledger

David Roche
Attorney, Aramis Law Firm

Alexandre Stachtchenko
Co-founder & Managing Director, Blockchain Partner by KPMG

Hadrien Zerah
Adoption Manager, Nomadic Labs

Managing Director

The Managing Director executes the instructions of the Board of Directors. He reports directly to the Board at its monthly meetings. He/she may recruit, after validation by the Board and in accordance with the annual budget voted by the members, one or more persons to assist him/her in his/her missions, in particular the Operational Team.

In addition to her mandate as Chairperson, Faustine Fleuret also holds the position of Managing Director.


The association also has Committees created by decision of the Board of Directors (a full list is given in the internal regulations and in the table below). These committees, which bring together communities of interest from several Adan members, aim to deal more effectively with certain issues shared by only certain categories of members. They can create tailored working groups and have a decisive voice on all issues that concern them in priority (e.g. issues related to the regulation of Digital asset service providers or PSAN).

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee, which brings together lawyers and legal experts from Adan’s member entities, works to clarify key issues (such as the scope of the PSAN regime, the treatment of decentralised finance, etc.) and thus enable actors to better understand their obligations.

The Legal Committee is presided by David Roche, Attorney, Aramis Law.

PSAN Committee

The PSAN/Future CASP Committee, composed of stakeholders subject to French regulation (PACTE) and the future MiCA regime, is working to remove the obstacles that providers encounter both upstream and downstream of registration.

The PSAN Committee is presided by Nicolas Louvet, CEO, Coinhouse & Coinhouse Custody Services.