Let's build the crypto-assets industry

Becoming a member of Adan helps companies, public institutions and associations to participate in the development of the crypto-assets sector in France and in Europe.

Membership Benefits

According to the nature of your activity and the geographical location of your company, Adan has two categories of members.

Active Members Associate Members
  • Main activity concerns crypto-assets or blockchain
  • Companies established in France
  • Any other sector
  • Companies not established in France
General assembly voting rights Consultative
Access to internal discussion tools
Access to internal Association documents
Propose topics and actions items to the Board of Directors
Participate in working group decision making process
Invitation to the annual conference
Preferred rate at the annual conference
Listed as members on the association's website (optional)
Election Board of Directors and Executive Director
Contribute to writing communication documents and position papers By invitation
Invitation to meetings and dinners By invitation

Annual Contributions

Active members Associate members
Employees Funds raised Turnover Balance sheet total Contributions
< 10 < €500K < €1M < €1M €1,000 €500
10 to 20 €500K to €1M €1M to €2M €1M to €2M €3,500 €1,750
21 to 50 €1M to €5M €2M to €10M €2M to €10M €7,000 €3,500
> 50 > €5M > €10M > €10M €14,000 €7,000
Publicly traded companies €21,000 €10,500
If the company is more than 20% owned by another company, criteria are assessed at the parent company level.